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Internal Family Systems Program Assistant

Being A Program Assistant

After graduating from Level 1 I wanted to do something that deepened my learning of the Internal Family Systems model. This is when I decided to apply to become a Program Assistant. During my first day I was not sure what to expect, especially since it was on Zoom.

The experience was something that I cannot put into words. Self energy filled the zoom boxes, then I was able to go into a triad and help therapists learn the IFS model. To watch the participants blossom from the first day of training to the last day of training was just amazing. After my first Program Assistant role I can say the IFS bug bit me. I have now been a program assistant for two Level 2's. Just started another hybrid level 1 in NYC and was early accepted to another Level 1 starting soon.

If you have completed Level 1 and are looking to deepen your knowledge of the IFS Model being a Program Assistant is an experience you will never forget.

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